Canadian Pure Wild Rice - Pieces (454g)


Easy to keep, easy to cook, and the perfect accompaniment to any dish, Canadian Pure Wild Rice is delightfully nutritious, a healthy food and 100% natural.

This package of Wild Rice is one pound and contains long whole grains that have been broken during the de-hulling process. We call them pieces, cracked, or broken. They cook the same, taste the same, but are about half the size! There is just over 2 cups in the package which when cooked will yield approximately 8-10 cups of cooked Wild Rice pieces.

Also available with discount pricing in bulk.

Gluten-free, High Fibre, Vegan Safe

Grown in Canada

Rich in vitamins & minerals

Store uncooked wild rice in your pantry or cupboard in a resealable container for up to five years.

Native to Northwestern Ontario and surrounding areas, our naturally organic Canadian Pure Wild Rice is enjoyed today as a delicacy.

It is a wild-grown aquatic grass seed rather than a farm crop, and is a healthy food staple for many indigenous communities.

Unlike the wild rice you may find in your local grocery store, truly natural wild rice is not genetically modified and grows without the use of fertilizers or pesticides.

An excellent source of minerals and vitamins, it is rich in potassium, phosphorous, lysine, thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin. It is also low in fats and starches, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly.

Canadian Pure Wild Rice grows on non-depleted soil at the bottom of pristine lakes and rivers in the boreal forests of Northern Canada. 

It is always growing and reseeding itself naturally, and our harvesters are careful to leave enough for the animals who rely on the wild rice for food, such as migrating waterfowl.

Once harvested, Canadian Pure Wild Rice keeps its nutritional value and flavour even over time.